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Boiler Room
Boiler Room The Boiler Room is not exactly a defining name any more. The boiler has long been removed and replaced with two furnaces. One heats the main level, and the other heats the second and third levels. In the photograph to the right, you may be able to see a circular pattern in the concrete floor. This is the outline of a past boiler. Under the floor, some of the dirt has settled, leaving behind a cavity. Again, no photographs of the cavity were taken before it was sealed up.

The photographs of this space were taken shortly after we moved in, and it no longer this tidy. It frequently becomes another storage space. Very little has been done in this area. Some of the holes in the floor have been filled in and patched with concrete, and the flexible heat duct going to the addition on the main floor have been replaced with a rigid ducting. The gap above the old Coal Chute has also been sealed to keep the cold out.

Boiler Room Boiler Room Boiler Room Boiler Room

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