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Front Yard
Front Yard

Front Yard Front Yard

What makes this house stand out from any other is the keyhole window outlined by the white-painted brick, with its slivers of the stained glass depicting irises. The partial turret and the Widow's Walk overlooking the street are features that accent the house.

Historically, things have changed a lot in the front yard. The elm trees however are one thing that have remained constant. Olwen Kendrick said that she and her father planted these trees when she was teenager back in the 1930's, shortly after they moved in. The children would tie ribbons around the trees and dance on May Day. These trees are coming up eighty years old now and give us many leaves to rake each fall.

Front Yard Since we bought the house, we have changed the paint color, put on a new roof, replaced the sprinkler system, and had a brick retaining wall and walkway installed. The concrete blocks that make up the retaining wall were not capped. The reason for this is that we will be installing a decorative fence, and the holes in the block will permit us to affix the fence's posts. The image below is an artist rendition of what we want to do.

Front Yard

Front Yard One thing that still remains from years ago are the horse and carriage ties. These are still embedded in the concrete curbs. There is one on either side of the walkway leading to the street.

The photographs below show past pictures since we have taken ownership.

Front Yard Front Yard Front Yard Front Yard Front Yard Front Yard

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