On June 14, 2010, the Pueblo City Council approved by a vote of 7-0 to landmark 1007 Lake Avenue. It is now officially the J. Euclid Miles House.

To learn more about J. Euclid Miles, visit the Resident History of our website.

Click the plaque to download a copy of the Landmark Application.


Recently discovered information shows that J. Euclid Miles was a City Alderman (Councilman) in the city of Bessemer in 1893. It appears that he served in this position for just one year. It is a safe guess that he would have served in this position longer, had the city of Bessemer not merged with the city of Pueblo in 1894. Click on the images to the left to see full-sized documents of the research.

Bessemer Neighborhood Context Study Download a copy of the Bessemer Neighborhood Context Study. This study mentions the J. Euclid Miles House.


On October 4th, 2009, Historic Pueblo, Inc. had seven houses that opened their doors to the public. We were one of those magnificent homes. If you missed the tour of our home, you can see it virtually.

Holiday Historic Home Tour More recently, on December 11, 2011, we were one of four homes that were on the 2011 Holiday Historic Home Tour. Click on the holiday house to the left to see how we had our home decorated for this special event. In addition to the special decorations, we served food and drink that could be found in a traditional Irish home at Christmas time. The recipes that we used have been included.

We would like to welcome you to our home. It is not the biggest house, and it is not the fanciest house. But to us it is the greatest house, and we are pleased to open it up for your visit. While we have done a lot to it, there is a ton more that we have yet to do. The one thing that has been done is the history of the house. This is one accomplishment that we are particularly proud of. We have posted Historical Highlights about the home throughout the virtual tour. In order to fully understand some of these Historical Highlights we recommend that you take a few minutes and read about those who have lived in the house, and start with the Welcome Poster.

Two families that you will read about are the Kendricks and the Mendenhalls. In the Spring of 2009, we were visited by members of these families. The first special visitors were the Kendricks. Amazingly, Olwen Kendrick came to see us on the day before her 101st Birthday. She was able to provide an incredible amount of history of the house that we could never have obtained otherwise.

The same month also brought us the Mendenhall children, Terry and Janet. Both provided additional history of the house. Terry brought us items that were left behind by the Kendricks, and Janet graciously shared family photographs.

When you are done taking the tour of the house, make sure you check out our Resident History website. We hope you enjoy your visit to the house of 1007 Lake Avenue.
- David & Nicole Webb


First Floor Second Floor Attic Basement
First Floor Second Floor Attic Attic
The above layouts are approximately to scale, but are not 100%.

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