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Family Room
Our Family Room was the Kendrick's and Mendenhall's Dining Room. When they lived in the house, the pass-through had not been built yet, so this was the logical place for gathering for meals. Behind the curtains is more of the purple-marbled glass. The color of the glass does not go with any of the other decor colors, so we chose to keep the window treatments to match the theme of the room.

Family Room Family Room

Family Room Family Room The door in the Family Room is original to the house. It is a solid oak door, with a mirror built into it. The mirror has been painted over however. Behind the door is a closet. Previous owners had shelves in there and used it for storage. We gutted the space and built new shelving. We now use it as a DVD closet.

For the longest time we wondered what the deal was with the step up. As you can see from the photograph, there were two steps, and then a slope. It is apparent that the slope is related to the stairwell that goes down into the basement. Another odd feature is that there is a window in the space. This made it even more curious.

During Olwen Kendrick's visit, she enlightened us to the fact that the door led to a staircase. The staircase took a 90 degree turn to the left at the landing, and then went up at about a 75 degree slope. It exited upstairs where the walk-in shower now exists. She did not know what happened to the stairwell as it was still there when her family sold the house.

There was a Pueblo Chieftain article that mentioned a removed stairwell. When the Mendenhalls visited us later in the month, they explained that their family removed the stairwell in order to make more room in the kitchen. They were not sure when this remodel occurred, but had to have been between 1965 and 1979.

Family Room Family Room Family Room Yes, another buffet. This one has been converted into an entertainment center where the electronics are stored. We looked high and low for a television that fit the period of when the house was built. Since we could not find one of the period, we chose to purchase a new one. The framed artwork are of actual stock certificates that date from 1900 to 1912. The light fixture is a mate to the one in the Dining Room that was purchased at the ReStore store.

In the past, there was a fireplace of some sort. There was an opening for a stove pipe that has been covered. The location of that was between the two windows, where we have the cross (shown above). The chimney remains to this day, but has been capped off.

Below are some images of what the Dining Room looked like prior to us moving in. You can see the mirror in the door. While some like mirrors in rooms, we prefer to have smaller ones. The mirror in the door was too much for us. The Kendrick family chose to install the purple-marbled windows. The view outside is simply the neighbor's brick wall. The previous families had installed ceiling fans in the Parlor, Dining Room, and Family Room. All have been removed and replaced with period lighting. And finally, an example of the electrical outlets that we found when we moved in. All of the outlets in this room needed special attention.

Family Room Family Room Family Room

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